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10-year Hospital
Development Plan

Announced in 2016 Policy Address, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has set aside a dedicated provision of HK$200 billion for the implementation of a 10-year Hospital Development Plan (HDP) in the coming ten years.

The 10-year HDP includes:
  • Construction of one New Acute Hospital at Kai Tak Development Area
  • Redevelopment / Expansion of existing 11 hospitals
  • Construction of three new Community Health Centres
  • Construction of one new Supporting Services Centre

The implementation of the 10-year HDP will be carried out by the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong to deliver:
  • Around 5,000 additional hospital bed spaces
  • Around 90 additional operating theatres
  • Around 430,000 additional annual capacity of general outpatient clinic attendances and 2,800,000 additional annual capacity of specialist outpatient clinic attendances
10-year Hospital Development Plan

Briefing on 10-year Hospital Development Plan

Given the scale of the 10-year HDP, the Hospital Authority held a briefing session to provide information on the 10-year HDP to local and overseas hospital design and construction professionals.

The briefing session was held on 15 September 2016 with 220 attendances from 107 companies and representatives from 19 consulates.

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