Service arrangement of GOPCs under COVID-19

Under the situation of COVID-19, GOPCs of the HA continue to provide service for patients.

Consultation arrangement

Patients with scheduled follow-up appointment in the GOPCs may click here for the relevant service arrangement. As for patients requiring medical consultation due to episodic illnesses, they can make appointment as usual during this period. Please click here for details of the service information of GOPCs.

Enhancement of infection control measures

To protect patients and staff, the HA has enhanced the infection control measures of the GOPCs. The HA advised all persons entering the clinics to bring and put on their own masks, perform hand hygiene and temperature check as instructed by clinic staff. For those persons who have fever or acute respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, sore throat and runny nose), please proactively inform clinic staff for suitable arrangement.

Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme

  • To tie in with the current strategy of the Government in managing the pandemic, the HA has started the Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme to early detect suspected or confirmed cases. For details of the Programme, please click here to browse the relevant HA website;
  • Selected GOPCs provide specimen collection points for submission of deep throat saliva (DTS) specimen for testing of COVID-19 by patients of private doctors and other groups. For details, please click here to browse the relevant Government website;
  • To support the Government in providing free testing for COVID-19 to people who perceive themselves to have higher risk of exposure and experience mild discomfort, 47 GOPCs provide distribution points of DTS specimen collection packs and collection points of specimens.