Persons Tested Positive for COVID-19

For persons tested positive / preliminarily positive, please remain calm and wait at home patiently. The Government will arrange to admit you to a hospital or isolation facility.

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Health Advice for Persons Tested Positive / Preliminarily Positive for COVID-19 and Pending Admission to a Hospital or Isolation Facility

Infected persons with no or mild symptoms should stay calm while waiting for admission. They are advised to maintain personal and environmental hygiene, follow the infection control measures, as well as monitor their health conditions closely.

Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has issued the Health Advice for Persons Tested Positive / Preliminarily Positive for COVID-19 and Pending Admission to a Hospital or Isolation Facility and uploaded on the COVID-19 Thematic Website by the Government of HKSAR. For details, please refer to:

For more information, please visit:

In addition to the above information from CHP, relevant information as follows:

If you are symptomatic and have medical-related enquiries or require support services during isolation in the community:

To implement the "reducing death, critical case and infection" anti-epidemic strategy, the HA has launched a series of measures to enhance the support to COVID-19 patients in the community, especially the high-risk patients, to prevent disease progression. HA has strengthened community support for the confirmed patients and implemented triage system to prioritise hospital services for patients with critical condition.

High-risk patients in the community can acquire treatment and support by the following means:
  • Enquiry Hotline

    The HA telephone hotline 1836115 operates from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) from 9am to 5pm, for medical related enquiries of COVID-19 confirmed cases. Referral to doctor tele-consultation will be made if needed.
  • Designated Clinics for COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

    The designated clinics for COVID-19 confirmed cases help provide treatment for the people who are presenting with relatively mild symptoms of infection requiring medical advice. In order to implement appropriate infection control arrangements, people seeking consultation must make appointments to avoid people queuing at the clinics. The healthcare staff of the designated clinics will provide appropriate treatment according to the patient's clinical condition, and will transfer the patient to hospital for further treatment if required.
  • Designated telephone line support by Patient Support Call Centre

    Nursing team from Patient Support Call Centre will review the list of confirmed patients on daily basis and proactively contact patients of the high-risk groups and conduct health assessment, provide relevant information and support, and advise patient to book designated clinics for medical consultation, if required.

Chinese Medicine (CM) Services

The HA provides CM services for COVID-19 patients, including CM Advice Hotline, CM Services for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly(Chinese only).

Please click here for more information on pre-admission support for persons tested positive for COVID-19.