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North District Hospital

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Project Highlights
July 2021
Commencement of the site formation and foundation works
June 2023
Funding approval by Financial Committee of Legislative Council for the main works
3Q 2024
Target commencement of the main works
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Established in 1998, North District Hospital (NDH) is an acute hospital in the New Territories East Cluster (NTEC) of the Hospital Authority (HA). It provides 24-hour accident and emergency (A&E) service and a wide range of secondary care services with emphasis on ambulatory care as well as community outreach services.

Over the years, the existing facilities at the NDH have become inadequate, in terms of space, capacity and design to cope with the increasing service demands and modern quality standards and developments in service delivery.  Key challenges faced by the NDH include: (a) the increasing demand for emergency service has long outgrown the planned capacity of the A&E Department, with a perennial problem of overcrowding that poses risks to patient privacy, infection control and timeliness of care delivery; (b) the dire need to enhance the capability and capacity of the hospital in the management of infectious and communicable diseases through increased provision of specially designed isolation rooms and infection control facilities; (c) the urgent need for upgrading the diagnostic and treatment facilities and equipment to the prevailing standards; and (d) the requirement of convalescent and rehabilitation services in the hospital to facilitate continuity of care of patients and meet the healthcare needs of the local community.

The project is being implemented in three works packages, namely preparatory works, site formation and foundation works, and main works.

The scope of the expansion project comprises: 
  • construction of a new acute block;
  • refurbishment, alteration and addition to the existing hospital building; and
  • provision of associated internal roadworks as well as external and landscaping works.
The preparatory works of the expansion project commenced in December 2019. The site formation and foundation works commenced in July 2021 and are in progress.